Because of the generosity of our sponsors and donations, along with our dedicated Pitmasters, and time given by all those that have donated their time along with all of our board members, Friends of BVH have been able to assist or donate to the following people or organizations since we began in October 2012:

= Kurten Volunteer Fire Department

- Iola Volunteer Fire Department’s silent  auction

- Franklin Volunteer Fire Department’s silent  auction

- 3 veteran silent auction fundraisers

- 1 Bryan Fireman

- 1 College Station Fireman

- 1 medically retired Air Force Fireman

- 2 Army veterans

- I.B.C.A.  OBR (Operation BBQ Relief) - BBQ  Cookers go out and cook for natural disaster  workers.  Food and supplies come from the  fund  but our cookers donate their time. This  helps feed our TASK FORCES

- American Legion Local Assistance Fund

-  An Naval Veteran whose home A/C went out  and was not covered under home warranty.   Partnered with Air Concepts Solutions.​

Friends of Brazos​ Valley Heroes



After getting laid off in April of 2015 my family and I were in some serious financial trouble. I was unable to find gainful employment and the non-profit my wife works for was struggling to bring in money just to keep the lights on in her office. We had to sell one of our vehicles to make ends meet. Our budget was cut by over half of what it used to be and our standard of living plummeted.

My unemployment ran out in October of 2015 and we moved into an RV because it was all that we could afford. With only one vehicle, our situation was becoming even more strained. I took out a loan to purchase another car hoping that I would be able to find employment soon so that I could pay it off. Employment didn’t happen and I was stuck with this loan with an interest rate of nearly 300%.

I heard about Heroes of Brazos Valley through a friend on Facebook and I contacted them. I was introduced to Jenni Bounds. I explained my situation and that I had served in the US Army (11B, 1-15 Rifle Company, 3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division 1997-2002) who worked with me throughout the application process.  Understandably this took some time but, the wait was worth it. Jenni and her team were able to pay off my car loan in full! Without the help of generous donors and her team’s commitment to our Nation’s service members my family and I could not be where we are now: employed and in a real home!!

Again, THANK YOU Heroes of Brazos Valley, Jenni Bounds and all of the people who donate to this truly worthy cause.

​The lives we have impacted